How To Become The Leader You Wish You Had

Discovering yourself and what inspires you is the first step in fostering a successful atmosphere and expressing the desire to others. You can convey values and missions to people you lead so that they support team goals and your vision to accomplish them.

A company’s essence is its leadership. Everyone flourishes when leaders create safe work settings, and commitment is a natural human reaction to those conditions. Cynicism, paranoia, and self-interest are all products of toxic work environments.

Parenting and leadership have a lot in common. When you sign up for leadership, you take on the responsibility of other people’s lives, and it comes at a high personal cost. It’s a lot of work! 

The dangers are significant, and you must accept complete accountability if something goes wrong. It’s harder to quantify results on a daily level in both parenting and leadership, but if you stick with it, you’ll notice a difference over time.

Impact of a Good Leader on the Team

Turnover, customer satisfaction, sales, revenue, productivity, and other factors are all influenced by leaders. Employee engagement and enthusiasm are fostered by good leadership, which leads to increased levels of customer loyalty, service, innovation, and, eventually, revenues.

Consistency is more crucial than intensity when it comes to great leadership. You can’t get fit by going to the gym for 12 hours straight, but if you go for half an hour daily, you’ll notice results over time. If you’re not getting results, you’re likely doing something wrong. The same goes for leadership.

How Can You Become a Good Leader?

1. Be Empathetic

Being truthful with your team does not imply that you should become great friends with them. It entails expressing our shared human experience, tearing down defensive barriers, and demonstrating that you are a real person. It helps you earn respect by making you appear more approachable. 

Are you still in charge? Yes, but employees are significantly more inclined to share and receive honest feedback if shown empathy and mutual respect.

2. Be a Good Listener

A good leader cherishes their team members’ opinions, wants to know what motivates them, and assists them in setting and achieving professional goals. Will you always agree? Of course not, but expressing your respect and loyalty by actually listening and acting on what you hear can earn you a tremendous amount of respect and loyalty.

3. Incorporate Your Vision

Every employee should be aware of the significance of their work. Employees who have a say in the decision-making process understand the motivation behind the company’s values and are more willing to support its objectives. Employees, in other words, back what they helped create.

4. Learn How to Handle Failure

Failure is an inevitable part of life. Your staff will notice how you manage it as a leader. Anger and pointing fingers are frequently unhelpful. Instead, if you want to learn how to be a great leader, discuss what went wrong with your team and how things could have been done better to assure success. 

5. Encourage Growth

A dedicated leader provides team members with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to accomplish their duties well. This should be achieved through the provision of professional development. If you sense their potential, you should offer them the opportunity to apply their abilities in new ways or invite them to lead a meeting or project.

6. Motivate and Keep a Positive Attitude

Keep the morale of your team high at all times. You should have their backs and push them to do better, especially in times of adversity. Always inculcate a sense of positivity in your team to keep them relaxed and focussed.

7. Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Good leaders establish defined goals to be fulfilled, explicit expectations of what will happen if they are or aren’t realized, and a blueprint for getting the task done, rather than simply expecting staff to do their jobs.


What does it take to become a more effective leader? You’re already a better leader than most if you’re thinking of this question. The smartest thing you can do as a leader is to strive towards being a greater leader. 

Your team will appreciate your efforts, and they will reciprocate positively to your progress. It’s as simple as that — treat others the way you want to be treated.