How to Promote D&I in the Workplace in 2021

Many Singaporeans see the issue of diversity and inclusion as an HR prerogative, but can I be real with you here for a sec? This is not the case – well, it’s true to some extent! See, yes, the HR team is responsible for driving diversity and inclusion in an organization, but so as to realize it fully, leadership is needed, especially one that works from top to bottom. Basically, the entire organization, from the top leadership, all the way to the junior staff, must play a role to realize the dream and all its benefits. Now, let’s ask ourselves, how one can promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace in 2021, going to 2022:

How do you promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

1 – Set diversity and inclusion goals

How you set goals so as to achieve everything you want, including business growth? Well, it’s equally important that you set smart diversity and inclusion goals, so as to realize them. Remember to make sure that the goals you set are more specific and tangible, and must be in line with your talent and business priorities.

2 – Educate your employees through training

Employees are a very crucial part of any company, and if they are not adequately trained, especially on diversity and inclusion, then there is no way they can be expected to cultivate it. So, it’s important that the employees are properly trained to be sensitive to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds or cultures.

3 – Create a diversity and inclusion council

Normally, you are always more likely to find departmental heads responsible for leading their respective teams towards larger business goals. The same can be done so as to realize your diversity and inclusion goals. Form a council consisting of top-level leaders from across the board that would be responsible for driving the D&I agenda in the organization.

4 – Evaluate your leadership team

Having a diverse set of leaders always brings a sense of inclusion to a company. So, you need to evaluate the company’s leadership team – is it diversely represented? Or does it reflect your customer base? If not, then something got to change right away.

What are the top Do’s in Company D&I Practices in Singapore?

1 – Implement relevant diversity programmes

More and more and companies in Singapore do understand the importance of having a diverse workforce. And as such, they started implementing diversity programmes, which are meant to instil serious emphasis on the subject. The programs target all levels of staff, from the top management to the junior members.

2 – Avoid unconscious bias

To fully realize diversity and inclusion in the companies, they must teach their employees, and everyone involved to avoid unconscious bias, which really inhibits its success. The company leaders must work extra hard to even point out the bias, which may at times go unnoticed, and be sure to create awareness towards real change.

3 – Create an environment that shows support

To ensure that diversity blossoms, companies must create an environment that supports everyone brought on board. Failure to which all the efforts will lead to nothing.

Final Thought

When it comes to building a diverse and inclusive workforce, just know that you can’t achieve it overnight. It’s a bit of work! However, with commitment and making conscious efforts to drive change, it is very possible. We wish you the very best in this endeavour.