How To Conduct a Layoff In The Workforce?

Layoffs are the negative but necessary side of any company. Due to various reasons and trends in the market, they become essential at certain points in the life of a company. As hard as it might be for the company to handle and for those being laid off to face, there is a professional procedure to the entire thing. This must be followed to avoid unpleasant situations and ensure a smooth layoff process. 

This article will guide you on how to conduct a layoff in the workforce.

1. Create and follow a selection process

The first rational step while conducting layoffs in the company workforce is creating and following a selection process. Your company must have a structure in place that deals with its plans. 

Based on those plans, you must create a system to figure out which employees will be instrumental in the plan and lay off those who will not play a role in the company’s future.

2. Avoid adverse action

Adverse actions refer to laying off employees who fall under certain protected or marginalized sections of society. A protected class includes members of a particular sexual orientation, age, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. 

The company must avoid any adverse action taken against those under a disproportionately larger percentage of this class.

3. Review laws and compliances

Review all the laws and compliances about workforce layoffs that have been put in place by the State. Some acts demand a company offers at least 60 days prior notice before the layoff. 

Several other laws must be looked at carefully before issuing the layoff notice. You might land in trouble later if there is any negligence in this matter.

4. Determine severance packages and additional services

Many company policies state that in the circumstance of a layoff, the employees must be provided with a severance package

Even if your company does not have such a policy, you can always provide such packages along with additional services to those getting laid off. It is a sign of goodwill and maintains a company’s positive image.

5. Conduct a layoff session

Layoffs are often a cause of great resentment and anger among the employees, especially when it is not handled professionally. One way to avoid this is by conducting a layoff session. In the meeting, the employers must explain to the employees the reasons for the layoff, the procedure, and all that the company will be providing as compensation. 

You must be prepared to be asked some harsh questions during the session.

6. Inform your employees about the layoff

You must issue a public notice concerning the layoff to the entire office. This avoids the spreading of unnecessary rumors and panic among the workforce. It also ensures that you maintain an image of complete transparency internally and externally.


Employee layoffs are one of the most challenging tasks you might have to take on as an employer. It involves a lot of emotions and can often take an ugly turn. 

Following the steps mentioned in this article will ensure that you deal with the matter professionally with minimum damage to yourself and those being laid off.