5 Tips to Motivate Your Employees During Remote Working

Remote working can make managing employee motivation difficult. Here are five ways to keep your employees engaged in the virtual workspace.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the world has been in quarantine, and working from home has been the new normal. But working without being present in a proper, distraction-free workspace can be pretty stressful. Motivating your employees can be a challenging task in such a situation. To make things simpler for you, we have five effective ways you can motivate your employees and keep them engaged when they are working remotely.

Employee Motivation: Why is it important?

Lack of motivation can distract your employees and divert their focus from their work goals. As a result, the work pace will slow down and lead to wastage of resources. It means there is a high probability of a drop in the company’s accomplishments and revenue. 

Proper motivation will help you keep your employees driven and on track to achieve their work targets and maximize their potential. Consequently, your company will exhibit impressive progress.

How Can You Motivate Your Employees While Remote Working?

1. Remove Communication Barriers

Effective communication is crucial to maintain a productive remote-working team. Make sure your employees feel no hesitation in voicing their opinions and grievances. Stay connected via email and phone calls. Establish regular check-in video meets to keep your remote workforce motivated. Try answering the phone calls when the situation is stressful. Also, create a virtual lounge space and encourage your staff to have informal conversations. 

2. Provide them with tools to increase productivity

When you don’t have access to a proper physical workspace, maintaining good productivity can be challenging. Incorporate innovative technology in your work process and furnish them with appropriate tools. It will help them to keep their tasks organized and updated and keep everything running smoothly.

3. Provide Honest Yet Encouraging Feedback

Regular feedback is vital to lead a productive, mission-oriented team, even if they are working remotely. Let your employees know about the excellent work they have been doing and motivate them to take new initiatives and propose innovative approaches. 

4. Create a Visual Scoreboard to Track Individual Progress

A visual scorecard can help remind your employees of their shared goal and how close they are to achieving it. You can create a spreadsheet to enable them to track their progress.  A quarterly graph can also help to reflect the performance of your employees and keep them motivated.

5. Recognize and Celebrate Achievements

A culture of recognition is essential in a workspace to motivate your employees to keep up their good work. Though celebrating achievements can seem challenging to do virtually, it is not that tough. A round of applause during the weekly team video meeting or simply a verbal “thank you” can encourage high performance.


Even when you have a versatile workforce, lack of motivation can cause a decrease in their performance, especially when your employees are working remotely. However, with the right management strategies, you can motivate your employees to maximize their potential and improve overall productivity. We hope this article has helped you understand the ways to keep your remote workforce motivated.