What are some of the most Popular Employee Training Methods For Workplace Training

Here is the thing, effective employee training can never be approached as a one-size-fits-all method. The truth is though, there are so many options available, which makes identifying and selecting the best training method such a challenge and can also be overwhelming. Here is a simple guide to help you find the perfect method for your needs.

How To Choose The Right Training Methods For Employees

In the era of intelligent technologies as well as larger talent gaps, the need for training and development is extremely crucial. Remember also, skills are short-lived, and many companies are feeling the squeeze, which may be the reason why they have turned their full attention to training their employees. Even though not many business owners feel that the training is as effective as it is portrayed to be, the majority do believe in their effectiveness, and they are going the extra mile to ensure that they are as effective as possible. Now, the very first step towards this direction is choosing the right training methods for the employees.

The 5 Most Popular Ways To Train Employees

Traditional training methods

These are approaches that have been relied upon for decades but still offer a number of benefits to companies. These benefits include:

Classroom-based training programs – classroom learning is usually led by a qualified facilitator and it takes one or more days. In these classrooms, groups of employees go through a series of activities and presentation slides, such as study assessments or information on policy issues. The classroom setting ensures that the group of employees does attain a large amount of knowledge at the same time.

Interactive training – this form of training actively involves the learners in their own learning experience, where it takes the form of scenarios, simulations, role-plays, quizzes, or games. It is by practicing their skills and applying them in real work scenarios that the learners are likely to retain what they learn.

On-the-job training – with this method, not only are the employees involved in the learning actively, but they also participate in real-time activities that are associated with the roles, which makes it the most effective method. What’s more, this method results in rapid learning as the employees are thrown into the proverbial deep end.

Modern methods of training

The modern workspace has significantly changed and now consists of remote working and diverse cultures. This change has also resulted in a shift in employee training methods. Here are the two methods;

Social learning – this method can be defined as observing, imitating, and modeling the behaviors of others. Social learning isn’t that popular as it’s not easy to structure, measure and control. However, it can be super effective as employees are pushed beyond their limits, which enables them to acquire new perspectives as well as problem-solving skills.

Online training – this is the most recognized method of training, due to its effectiveness. The training programs can include webinars, e-learning courses, videos, etc, which allows information to be tested and presented in various ways. The method offers means where the employees can learn at a go.


Employee training is rarely a one-off event, as companies must develop the employees’ skills and courage continuously if they are to survive and thrive. So, a variety of training methods will be needed at some point. And as long as you select methods for the right audience, purpose, and budget, the training program of your choice will most probably turn out to be effective as you intended.